Lovely Little Teacher

Lovely Little Teacher

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Keep Calm & Teach On.


In early February my students celebrated 100 Days of School.  They made and wore hats that said, “100 Days Smarter.” As I look back on these pictures I’ve been thinking they weren’t the only ones who reached a mile mark.  I did too! This school and my group of students have proven to be very challenging.  Somehow, I’ve managed to conquer 100 days right along side them.  I think that says a lot.

I have 27 kiddos and some days are a breeze,but some days are extremely hard, a few days I had to do it with no co-teacher, other days I had to do it with a substitute who knew nothing of what had to be done.  There were also some days that were close enough to bring me down to my knees.  There were moments where I had to hide my face and pray for patience.  && on some of those days I managed to do it with a smile.  Actually, some of those days I even did it in 5 inch heels.  Those are the days I started learning to  label myself as a strong woman.  

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Austin + Politics + Ignorant People

Since I’ve been in Austin I’ve noticed people are super into food, healthy organic stuff, music, funky clothing, running, outdoorsy things, and politics! It’s pretty much a lot of stuff I know nothing about, ha. However, I am working on getting a taste and feel of each thing.  

Late December I got a taste, a bad one I might add, of Politics! There was a lot of controversy surrounding my school. It involved a mob of angry parents who knew nothing about the work us teachers do every day.  Their thoughts were spoken way too loud and displayed on the signs shown in the picture below.

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Four months ago, I moved away from Austin in hopes of leaving all my past behind. Isn’t it funny, how the past has a tendency to creep up on you? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me two months in.  It actually crept up on me just 5 minutes down the road from me. =/ Since then, my “fresh start” hasn’t been feeling so fresh. Actually, it’s been making me feel defeated. I don’t want to feel like that though. I’ve done all this work; I’ve come so far. I think I deserve to be happy.  Being here is my chance and I don’t want to walk away from an opportunity to be happy.  So, all I can do from here is hope; hope that things get better.

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Autumn in Austin

Autumn, the year’s last loveliest smile.
- William Cullen Bryant

My students & I studied all about the four seasons and focused a lot on Autumn, since it’s the season we are currently in. The other day we were outside for recess & the wind blew off the leaves from a tree.  My kids started shouting & pointing, “Miss Villegas, loooook its fall!” (:

Here are the fall leaves outside my apartment<3. I saw the trees & thought about how beautiful they looked; it made me smile.

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"You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it." -We Bought a Zoo

Ha, so this past week I gathered all the courage I possibly could.  At first, I was really let down from the outcome. I thought nothing great  came out of that one.  Now, that I’m thinking about it though, something did—for those 20 seconds I was brave enough.

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